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The failure of the contractile function is responsible for

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theria, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, glanders, leprosy, or any other

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Hospital, Blackfriais, E.C., addressed to A. M. Jeaffreson, Esq., on or

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injury, the strip of adhesive plaster is the best method of treatment.

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thers were affected with leucorrhoea at the period of parturition,

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Thorax — the lungs were negative to percussion and ausculta-

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buted to the shoulder ; but after the discovery of James Turner,

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Passing a finger through the incision and downward a

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of a cat was chosen for experiment. The work is not

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several excellent illustrations of neat dissections of parts of

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ing upon the adhesion of the scar to the deeper-seated parts —

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men must have felt in the new land. Dr. Thoms, in his

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penal code has made the position of the physician a widely different

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Plan of Operation. — Ligation of the wounded artery in loco.

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which give some additional data, omitting Nos. 136 and 124. If these figures