to Dr. Talcott. We merely pause to note that the percentage
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life insurance because he found albumen in their urine. Repeated
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observed by analogy throughout the historical course of medicine.
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found in all sorts of locations. The most important of these hemorrhages are
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present a striking pallor for a large part, if not all, of their lives.
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Orthopaedic Surgery by a national organization, and he inaugurated
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in the Medical Reserve Corps of the army from August 3, 1916, to
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son of eminent physicians and having many collateral relations in
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Dr. Loomis was connected with the faculty of the University of the
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and he was sent first to the private school of Mrs. Leverett, from
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The hospital will be known as the " Taylor Sanatorium."
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ally met, and who, after practising medicine for forty years, was at present trying to
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Buffalo in February, 1874. From March, 1874, to June, 1876, he
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he became trulv the "beloved physician" to a large class of patrons.
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William Stavely, a resident in the north of Ireland, and for several
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loyal devotion and veneration of his students, which is so
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(heat) and general stimulants, to subcutaneous injections of
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one may well smack the lips of his mind. There are delightful
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chosen Professor of Surgical Pathology and Operative Surgery in the
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alarm, suspecting his friends of insincerity. There is more in
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state of things, and one which tends to assure for the meetings
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may be mentioned "The Old Hospital and Other Papers," 1886;
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style, that the reader feels himself sufficiently identified, for the
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was the unusually large number of typographical errors which
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As to life, the prognosis in these cases is good ; but the cases
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is only a centimetre high. So that in the perforations, which
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ful menses from puberty until the birth of first child ; menstrua-
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