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do away with the possibility of simulation ? Hardly one

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worked out. The mechanism of defecation was a much-

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strate pneumococci in the blood by direct microscopic examination of dry prepara-

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in the time of Marryatt. Every one the least conversant \yith the treat-

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of scarlatina, the relative proportions in the epidemic years were as

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you have a drug like digitalis, that acts permanently

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of years, been using their best and most unwearied efforts to ef-

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Ann. Surg., Phila., 1898, xxviii, 517. . Tlie treat-

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2. Chalmers, J. A. : Fibromyoma of the fallopian tubes ;

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There seems another possible explanation. If we may

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vical vertebrse, death ensuing rapidly and with little or no suf-

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might be of interest, as illustrations in this dis-

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connected with the arrest of the morbid process and

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in special danger of such hemorrhage he operates with the

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earnest and longing spirit for an equally-well based therapy, — a

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surgeon, on opening the abdomen, be likely to find ? What ^would

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ministering of a turpentine enema; and the removal of fsecal accumu-

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vomiting, and the feculent discharge not having yet commenc-

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and insidious irido-choroiditis, inflammation of the intra-

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clothe the hall with the drapery of woe — would attire myself in mourning, and, invok-

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