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in which that medicine, though indicated by certain symptoms, is con-

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version of food into chyme, and of chyme into chyle ; but,

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the numerous points of which its rough surface is composed,

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a tendency to its diminution elsewhere. This is absolutely necessary of

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or by rapid irilermiesions of the ctirrent by means of the different coil

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the lircast or axilbi; but in this variety of hemorrhage the remedy

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to keep the chest expanded. This he always does when

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it often has proved efficacious in the former of these complaints. But it

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small or large, of cold water, allowed to fall on it from a height

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as the same agency converts crystallizable into uncrystalHzobIc sugar. 1

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that it is unnecessary to repeat an account of them, (See page 857.)

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dom met with at the commencement of the special fever which it accom-

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resenililance to that of cardamom. The active principles are a volcUile

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HCid water, which wna inslanlly corked. After ataDdiog for twcWe hours, with

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ture of powdered cinnamon, cloves, nutmegs, and red saunders, and

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often likewise used for local swellings and inflammation, and

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chronic cases. Indeed it may be said, that, with the excep-

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ne peuvent pas resister a cette epreuve." — Foedere, torn. v. chap. i. ■

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the precise nature of the causes which occasion such difference.

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sometimes by a quick piercing scream; and, if the abdomen be exam*

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dve exercise is general, and more equable, and tberefore safer when tbe

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percolation. Any one can perform this process. Introduce an ounce

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by the gummy matter dissolved in the water; and, though a portion of

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tion, as scrofula, phthisic, etc., from the circumstance that it is an iogre-

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allowed for the elimination of the strychnia by the kidneys. It should

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A great number of medicinal substances have the property of stimu*

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there is reason to suspect the coexistence of some degree of chronic in-

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stimulation. Hence the soft, eompressible, and often feeble pulse, this

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briers, growing in ditrer«'nt parts of the Fnited States,

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tbor diversified powers, some are applicable where others might prove

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A Tincture (Tinctuba Aurantii, Br,) is directed by tho British

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1 Szemere, Gy. , A. Bodi, and L. Csik. 1960. Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae Tomus X.

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not be able to trace his relief to the spirit. The aromatic spirit of am-

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with occasional advantage ; but cannot be depended on for more than

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flatulent colic^ especially in children. As a preventive of cholera, its

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