entering houses where there are cases of measles. When this cannot be
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this more or less important factor. The term "more or less "
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media. Gelatine is not liquified, nor indol produced (see Type of Dysen-
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nated lime, sulphurous acid, and chlorine, are more fre-
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sema, pulmonary induration, and bronchiectasis, add to the seriousness of
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upon an acquired sensitiveness of the cells, which now react with greater
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it is the normal alkaline base of the blood plasma.
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Therapy," etc. , University of Pennsylvania Medical Bulletin, 1903.
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state, but finally died from other disease. The few who had
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the factors in the natural causation of acute rheumatism. The
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nous food, the form which would a priori seem to favor the
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tude toward them until an amount of statistics had been
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on the subject, read before this association at its last annual
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In the kidneys a variety of lesions may be found, either degenerative,
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"Resolved, That we hereby express our admiration of the
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There does not seem to be any great danger of infection in handling the
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peritonitis has come on. The recognition of perforation can as a rule only
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were singled out in certain tents within the camp, and to these contaminated
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extra work put upon the kidneys in their effort to eliminate
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also be found in the liver, and the stomach and intestine may show catarrhal
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The tendency of crisis to occur on the odd days of the disease, especially the
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spite of the scale, but are disastrous to the hopeful young
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affected area may be very much diminished owing to the blocking up of a
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(a) John Hancock Mutual Life, 1863 to 1883. — It is
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For many years, although the B. typhosus was constantly found in the
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in the urine in yellow fever, and this occurs because the liver no longer
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variola, derived directly or indirectly from human sources. The term "spon-
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has been shown by Gabritschewsky to be associated with the appearance of
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draw false conclusions. Fourth: pneumonia is often due to mixed infection,
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agent that he thought too much of his reputation to become
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in ten or as late as fifteen days after the subsidence of all symptoms. A re-
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ponstan mefenamic acid 250mg used for
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obstruction to the pulmonary circulation. The mere fact, however, that the
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by any of the methods mentioned when sufficient skill has
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purely toxic effects, independent of actual infection, are obtainable in
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is to be sought in disturbances in leukoc^'togenesis, and hence in accentu-
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rhage efi'ectually arrested. Conversely, cold may be used
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bacilli were obtained from the blood. Of 85 cases in the first week bacilli
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sonal condition," "not recommended by the examiner," or
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bodies in isolated cells, by means of "Klatsch" preparations from vacci-
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of antisera which appear to act through the agency of phagocytic cells. Such
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hyaline layer of the epidermis take but little part in the formation of the
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history of exposure may awaken suspicion. In the intervals of an epidemic