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as he had previously treated her for hysterical convul-
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disease is one of increased strain. So is that of the subject of senile
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gard to Dr. Vaughan's remarks, I beheve the method followed by us
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Ann Mark Menting is associate editor of the Harvard Medical
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canal a direct means of communication, we find that
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others of its salts (as the hydrobromate, salicjrl-
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health all her life up to within the last year. Her husband died of
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modifications. For the most part, the departures from his
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fourth day the patient informed me that he had gone
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bule of the larynx to within a very small distance of the edge of the
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digoxin serum concentrations indicated that 52% of the
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less, the same meaning. It may be said that, as this patient has
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to the evolution of a noxious vapour (carbonic oxide), and give rise to danger-
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elapsed between recovering from influenza and the date of the cul-
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I cannot ascribe great weight to the assertion of Carlsson,* since of
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food remaining in the stomach or intestines ferments ;
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surfaces, and subsequently blisters or uses liniment of iodine. If this fail, he
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Of the vegetable diuretics Digitalis is to be preferred, given in infu-
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side the hospital. Of 1 1 laundry women, one had the disease. " No case
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theritic croup of their terrors and laid the foundations for a scientific
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peri-renal adipose tissue different than that ncaiij
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sitates the application of the entire length of the band-
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mispheres, and involving the arachnoid, the pia mater, and, pro-
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have seen few good results. In average epidemics tracheotomy will save
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young lady about thirteen years of age. She was accompanied by her
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with the South Downs to the right, through which in a break
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scribed spot on the ri^ht side of his back, and also at the tip of
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tonic influence upon the nerves and vessels in the skin, and indirectly it
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the mucous membrane above and below ; the chorda? vocales
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nial and good-natured, no matter how vexing the circumstances might be in which he