Rokitansky, in his "Pathological Anatomy," describes

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-\- *V«f vision.] False or depraved vision ; peeu-

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on Publication. A paper by Dr. L. D. Bulkley, on the " Use of

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from a series of Catalogues in the possession of Professor

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inhibitor, captopnl, has been shown to cause agranulocytosis and bone mar-

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to properly treat and cleanse these localities and remove

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Analysis of the stomach-contents showed that they con-

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months-long surgical-dressing cases and orthopedics

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first we may call the acute form, which advances by

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ment of more value. One of these modes is by the use

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Professional subjects ? Is it that we are incompetent for the

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aneurism) is by Dr. Duncan Eve, of Nashville. Ohio is

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ate portion of the oesophagus. Vomiting is not always a

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tended position, the patient has a most awkward arm

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With the Morton rectifier in the secondary circuit I found the following

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Yeast, effect of feeding on antibody production -311

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out the inforpiation to be derived from this source ;

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steam and ventilated by special openings for entrance

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by taking suitable precautions, the wire can be made

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tough saplings, laid upon four crotchets, with some

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blood and general exhaustion furnish the most urgent symptoms, the

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the influence of a general law, however disturbed with occasional ano-

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which you would probably describe, if asked to do so, by

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Kraus-Levaditi's Handbuch der Immunitatsforschung, 1909, vol. ii, 1182

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city, in which he may chance to be indisposed ; for so multifa-

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chemistry), and was most cordially received. After a two

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dissection with a view to enucleation, but after working about half an

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make their way toward the abdominal wall ; through the

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James R. Learning, M. D., Sir Morell Mackenzie, M. D., Kenneth Milli-

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undergone elective gastric resections. Antral tissues

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as that which, serves to support the body was denied. Moreover the

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5. Cullen V: History of Lewes Delaware, Col David Hall Chapter

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Filtration through collodion sacs.— The collodion filter is impermeable to

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milk, this highly nutritious food supplies the food elements required by the