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cu^^sto-car-ci-n6^ma). [Gr. ictoric bag, bladaer -|-
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ing for education. Even in the last year of his prac-
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feeling that something has given away; this is rapidly followed by
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and indefmite ailments are not infrequently produced by it in casi»s in
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pulse and fall of the pressure, until finally the pulse-
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To attain an accurate result, the experiment should be performed a second
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Ac land ; A Deputation of Medical Officers of Health ; Official Memoran-
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vegetation, the army worm. The laws of this pest had some-
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ought to be recognized more than it is, and the same can
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'■'■Resolved, That while we share the common grief of
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the author will enjoy the unique distinction of having writ-
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lieved the cure of local tubercular disease to be dependent
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Detroit, 0.35; Chicago, 1.00; Milwaukee, 0.33; St. Louis, 0.51; San
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90 per cent, of women suffering from gall- P^r Part of the right and left rectus,
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the hernial site; 2. the breaking of ' the lines of suture;
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situated in one of the e.vtreme Western States, and sustained
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adequately studied, but the naked-eye alterations are very definite,
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the ventricle, or at the surface of the hemisphere, which will be an-
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point. It will be noticed that the multiple operations
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acter of the two types. Serum > Type D, Strain R 15, agglutinated
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likewise to diminish the danger of spreading the infection if the case prove to be
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able, or at least it is possible, that the spontaneous
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apparently normal, inguinal and intraperitoneal inoculation of two
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anodyne in existence; when any contraindication is opposed to its use,
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say, has made British merchandise hold her own against the world ;
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hernia: (e) emphysema, and (/) pleurisy with effusion.
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mediately impaired by the operation and sank to T,y'„,
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promptly, and to ask others to subscribe or send to us the names and
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A slight laceration of the cervix was then found, for which
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the existence of a limited tuberculous focus, the disease may be rapidly
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vaccinator may go from place to place always secure of
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that is by means of polluted water-supplies, a mode of
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• On Fractures and Dislocations, 7th edition, p. 534.
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