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contraction, produces a stasis wave in the veins. The apex of the venous curve,

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dyles. The head of the radius can be felt from behind,

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state, in its original constitution (1802, Art. VI., Sec. 7),

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to the lower portion of the small intestines, as in this

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Trotter, F. E., assistant surgeon, to report to Surgeon L. L. Wil-

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region, and when the expectoration is profuse and muco-purulent, it is

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he slipped and fell ; the glass vessel broke, cutting his

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fever and dysentery may occur in the same time, and cases

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vi (1 l.),397 i)p. 12 . Wien, IT. Braumiillei; 1876.

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into the history of these cases, he thought we would

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convulsions then diminished, and he drank milk freely, but the

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the disagreeable noise of the pumping in of the air being

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The Phrenic Nerve. — Mr. Wagstaffe (" St. Thomas's Hosp. Reports,"

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those who have a natural tendency to indulge in the

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mediately suspended by its hind legs from a hook in the wall.

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that the tumor should be removed without delay. These

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are found to be more digested than the meats. Fats are likewise present.

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accumulation of fat depends on the poorness of the blood in haemoglobin,

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defense for the Wisconsin State Board of Health, who was given the

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