At the forty-first annual meeting of the British Association for the Advance-
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aelTes for a proper discharge of our duties ; we shall endea^
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3. Gaw AC, Chang LW, Shaw LC: Efficacy of acupuncture on
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tains to tbe number of Joints which become afibcted. In some ca^eslli*
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from days when hearts beat high that long have ceased to beat, and
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corpus striatum. It is important to note, further, that the vessels of
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have been drawn off. Adhesions of this kind are usually of limited extent in
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tendency to these severe paroxysms. After the second operation,
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region. After a section of a lateral half of the spinal cord, at the lerel of one of the three or
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excessively at the time. It seems to me probable that the traction on
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perspire freely ; if we apply a turpentine stupe or a
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medication. With that understanding, the Professors of Central
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oli, granular matter, &c. The mesenteric glands seemed to consist entirely
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as she was chiefly in bed she could not judge so well of its
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tion of a thin film of the tunica intima. By-and-by the ossification
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Lungeuarterie. Prag. med. Wcbnschr., 1890, xv, 34-36. —
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detected an instance of the horrible practice, prevalent in some
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Dec. 26tli. It is noted that there is no faradic reaction in the anterior tibials
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its appearance. This is well known in genuine croupous pneumonia
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trains varied considerably; two of the wound cultures, one throat
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data, upon this most important operation. It seems abundantly
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the cyanosis of the fingers and toes may be remarkable, and in the cold the
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indeed alike of vertigo and of the epileptic warning in general. Those
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In a female, aged 26, the hair was caught between rollers and the
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pathology. Inquiries of this nature enable us not only to
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only way in which we can obtain an approximate idea of the amount of aceto-acetic
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mittent character, and have been frequently mistaken for ordinary ague.
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cases, physicians have been in the habit of viewing it as a
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entering human bodies and acting there as chemical poisons ? Against
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was adherent at the points where the ligatures had been applied,
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some of the other business upon the programme should be
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Kaufmann and Mohr.** After administering hypoxanthin to a person
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direction de M. Leaute, membre de I'lnstitut. Les poisons
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The bacteria count in milk should be looked upon as an index
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Teeth," in which a lady had suffered neuralgic pains in
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necessary to question the patient closely to ascertain the cause of the
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bladder. In some cases the pain is referred to the epigastrium or the lower
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the orbit ; nor can it be ascribed to paralysis of the recti muscles, for the eye