A Comparison of i^ome of the Mdeorolofjical Phenomena of the rjear 1862

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by hot vaginal douches of mercuric chloride (i : 3000)

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hospital reports of 1904 and 1905, of the various institutions in the

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use of the text of the ninth revision of the United States Pharma-

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undertook to treat a case in one of my own beds. This woman is

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der. Dr. F. Page on, 138 ; alleged curability of, 223 ;

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period, this would make the gestation 309 days ; or assuming that impregna-

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rehef as the circumstances may require, not exceeding

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remedies, and a recourse to morphin for a time is not only indi-

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4- 5 cc. of oasic lead acetate solution, and of this 10 cc. of the filtrate), the results

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fixed at an inch distance from each other in a tube

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gery, for the operator feels that he is merely making an

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before he commenced reading his paper, the President announced

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side to side, as it rests on the pillow, and perhaps pressing and rubbing

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of the report in the Times, the case, as reported, has

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fenestra with cleanly rounded edges, with its exact

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the private practice of several physicians, Drs. Stetzner, Hirschfeld,

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several nuclear VCUG scans when only unilateral disease

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14. Stone, S., Koucky, R., and Leland, H. R. : Fatal

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piration laborious; his neckerchief was removed and chest exposed

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tubules proper), with the outgrowths from the Wolffian duct which form the

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Therefore the sahva, though it may not be known to have affected

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of the razorback with Berkshires and Poland Chinas. They were

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we reach the junction of the esophagus and midgut. This portion

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could do nothing. Dr. Johnston read some remarks on " Hypnotic

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seen since this table was prepared.) Only one case of Korsakoff's

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believe that those men who would do so in passing through Phila-

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cemia. The condition being one of fever-producing tox-

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fingers which enclose it will be sensibly separated at each expansion. If

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lesson, and one not soon to be forgotten : such crude inoculations are

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recovery. There were only a few cases of recovery from per-