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flushes and drenching sweats. Cases exhibiting the latter symptoms

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The course of the disease is slowly progressive, only occasionally ex-

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morphin. The dose should rary (gr. \ to ^ — 0.016 to 0.032) according

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icle now becomes swollen and indurated, and this brawny edema spreads

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bones of the skull are hypertrophied and very painful. Elephantiasis

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pernicious anemia it advances to a high grade. The various lesions

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Malignant endocarditis is variously characterized, though usually

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This deposit is as firmly attached as a barnacle to a rock, and it

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Symptoms of Acute Tetanus. — (1) Mild prodromal symptoms (languor,

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the paroxysms of hepatic colic ; and (d) to adopt palliative or radical

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any lapse of time or has but a vague idea. If carefully watched for, fine

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which is characterized by nasal catarrh (measles, influenza, etc.), is to

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or even partly arrested. Another source of the glycolitic ferment is the

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tumors. Vomiting, constipation, or fattj/ diarrhea (rarely), with undi-

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the brim and could only with difficulty be made to engage. The

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after the founding of the New England Female Medical College,

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tion may precede the actual palsy or may be concomitant, such as slight

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occur in the acute attack, hyperemia and swelling of the capsule, liga-

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physiologic effects, I use it persistently during the secondaries, and later

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duced in the pulmonary connective tissue by the inhalation of stone-

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characteristics are to be attributed to the pressure of the effusion upon

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Stokes breathing, in the absence of precedent hypertrophy merely

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rays of the sun, in an atmosphere that is very hot and humid, still, and

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tenacious muco-pus, and here and there may be noted denuded areas,

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Cluroiiic or passive hyperemia is due to some mechanical obstruction

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the large intestine. It may be noted of the former that vomiting occurs

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drowsiness, and later stupor, and rarely convulsions and honorrhar/e, or

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many causes, among which may be mentioned — as a prominent

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skull has resulted, the course may be most acute, and/ei'cr, headache,

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pyrexia in connection with acute rheumatism. Occurring as a secondary

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stomach. Secondary sarcoma is more common, and is recognized by an

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mistakes, though the condition may be simulated more or less closely by

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our former persecutors we shall learn that better way of true

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face, followed by friction to the skin, should be practised daily for its

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