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At the fifth annual meeting of this society I called

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unhealthy states of the heart and lungs. Most benefit may

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ceipt of the injury. NotAvithstanding the wound, the man was able

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should always be removed by injections, or better still, by the free use of coarse

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in thought or methods of expression is the gift of but few.

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607-610. — 'Ingram (F. H.) A contribution to the study

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branches of medicine, and would confine examinations in those

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" a peculiar condition, generally nodose in character, affecting the hairs

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be desirable in congenital but not in acquired equinus.

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2d. That during traction by this instrument, moulding of the bead

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" (a) Those cases in which other methods of treatment have been tried

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5 Gibson. Jour, of Biol. Client., 1905, i, 161 ; Flexner and Noguchi, Jour, of

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by Goltz's phenomenon and partly by causing vaso-dilatation of

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by plate cultures it was found that, as in the immune

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6. Choking, Sure Cure. — Take fine cut chewing tobacco, the

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staphylococcal masses, in liquid media in streptococcal chains, each element

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pelvic organs, and calls attention to the significance of

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away from the mouth and nose. In certain circumstances in which

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tis, carcinomatous cachexia, scarlatina, and in toluylene-diamine poison-

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of incision (on the opposite side of the cornea, un-

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the cerebrospmal fluid is not reliable for numerous reasons •

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in the legislature, certain bills against physiologic ex-

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cussion of the epidemiology of influenza; a work that is the basis and chief

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time epilepsy supervened, and within the past six months total

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body was placed in a warm room, and it is worthy of remark that cadaveric

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says it is of vegetable origin, but does not, I believe, as-

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waters, however, can be attested by thousands of those who have used them