fluenza. — In an analysis of forty cases of this com-
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Chap. XL, Art. 2, of By-laws: "Any Member elected as Delegate to the Medical Society of
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fections. In his study of malaria Stott had about i% of his cases
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How shall the unknown diabetic be detected and directed to the
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Rome a year ago is now ready for distribution by the
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mu3clc3 upon the conjoined tendon, as well as by the yielding of the
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commensurate with qualifications. Excellent fringe benefits,
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sm:ill quantity of diseased germinal matter might poison a
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grave and fatal affection : p'-rnicious progressive an-
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The preceding cases of inflammation of the tissues of the neck
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the paragraph substituted for it in the amended clause, to
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Lesions situated, for instance, in areas of the right hemisphere
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manner, canying the pointer below the 0° point marks
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will reveal only a fetid odor, but the removal of the
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have formerly held some office in the administration, as chief
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The meconate of lead left on the filter is readily decomposed by boiling it
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of the eye is impeded, large dark, tortuous veins will
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figures which are scattered here and there through the text. Had
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as a rule, no invasion of the body had taken place. Examples of pure
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cough teazed her ; and she was altogether sleepless. The sto-
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considerations I would refer to Auguste Voisin's excellent essay
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to reflect what would be the state of things, if in
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In such a plan, that part which relates to the organ-
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ceived, and the attendance is expected to be very large.
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dually and quietly away, or the nervous system rouses itself for a
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Dark Ages it sank below the other branches of medicine. The gathered
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areola, and micro-organisms exist in special abundance in the moist fossa
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examination, the processus spinosus of the second vertebra
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simply to increase his astonishment — "you will doubtless admit
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stitute essential elements in the work of physicians and '
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that during the summer of 1907 the average temperature of 316
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cian's abilities: "A little Irish doctor, in Constan-
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