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consequently most apt to occur when the secretorj' st:
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servatively admitted. But that severe infections do not produce injury
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British Medical yournal for July 25th, Dr. E. D. Ma
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The subject of narcotic drug addiction disease is one that has con-
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as quite remarkable results have followed somewhat prolonged
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dressed to various physicians in man}' parts of the world,
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cardiac complication. The average duration of the treatment was
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presence of the germ of cholera in a locality long before the
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the nerves or muscles of either side, and the entire failure to
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is equally honest and efficacious. If a man can be cured
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the first in Flngland to suggest the use of galvanism in atrophy
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a greater or lesser mixture of pus and masses of bacteria, are found.
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lunge njay tear away membrane and seriously mar the succeBe of the
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of fright or great emotional excitement, and in certain cases
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to their warming or diluting the blood. The record of the
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carefully put on in its undiluted state. Care, however, must be
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by intense frontal headache and a feeling of weight and oppression above
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very large doses of iron should be given 30 to 40 drops of the tincture
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finer granules entering into the construction of the " cell-
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&iices, and sometimes at the margins of the lips ; and, further, that
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carefully considered. And in the rheumatic affections of the
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an insecure heel is certainly not conducive to the well-being
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when passing urine, and of great sinking in the bowels j says he
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As a preliminary to the titration of albumin in the urine, Deniges makes a test
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brows grown so as to form quite distinct dark eyebrows. Slight
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sides over the circulation resides exclusively in the ventricles of the
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mode of treatment of asphyxia neonatorum which he proposes as a substitute
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of the cavity. The intestines were at every point highly
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Another Extirpation 0/ the Larynx. — Tliis operation was performe'l by
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children to other Schools. In speaking of the Quincy experi-
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