Morel and Monod. Method, Soc. de Biol., 1908, Ixiv, 205.

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cases, look for abortion to become habitual. It is not so.

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the large doses of organisms injected and because other workers failed to

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disturbance is a distinctly less frequent initial symptom. This

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vered. We are told by Pliny, that Phalereus was once dis-

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are then discussed. Direct suture is usually performed, but it may be

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the intestine had taken place, through which was a passage out

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hospital with all the signs of a rapid and malignant attack of acromegaly,

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per cent. (Dare); reds, 2,360,000; whites, 640,000; differentiation: small

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Levy, P. Considerations sur les traumatismes medullaires par blessures de

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' Two of these (3 strongest at 40 to 80) were cases of cerebellar abscess confirmed

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that under unfavourable conditions ozone is produced in the X-ray room in

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seems to be well borne insofar as the heart action is concerned.

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the study of nephritis. We divided our cases into groups :

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worse than the first, for instead of a comparatively inoffensive

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as the hyaline thrombi of the capillaries. The latter, according to the

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Macfadyen, Nenchi, and Sieber. Chemical Processes in Intestines, Archiv. f.

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were even more striking were the results which he obtained by the analysis

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luetic arthritis, by no means a rare condition. Although aside from

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cannot be made to follow the windings of a long and very tortuous

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Meyer, E. Beitrag zur Angina Plaut-Vincent. Med. Klin., 1921, 17, 131-2.