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become less marked, until eventually they may be entirely lost. Ober-

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distended with a fluid which often recalled the characteristic appearance

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and temporary loss of power may result; or a reaction may be followed

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f. B. u. P. iv. 19. —42. Klein and Coxwell. Ibidem, xi. 15. — 43. Tizzoni and

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mately associated with the history of the revivification of Mesmerism in

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and derives such powerful support from an extensive class of phenomena,

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comes on very suddenly, and may rapidly destroy the patient's life un-

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on Anatomy the ensuing winter. Professor Hay ward has also been appointed to deliver the Lecturee

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good health, until two years previously, when a small scirrhous tumor

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tered to rabbits, produced fever, paresis and death. It is thus seen that

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cover from this disease, and those rather by good fortune, and the kind*

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and bending the body forward ; upper limbs stiff, but not so fixed

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can take no other foundation than the observation and experience of

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tant approximations, afid there was a wide space between our acquire-

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talis is a powerful stimulant, that it produces flushed face, hot skin, rest-

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temperature, and the material should be retained as long as possible

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which Dr. Alexander describes, af\er reading that explanation. It is

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pharmacological knowledge as we may possess ; that is, we may select a

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patients remained free from the disease for two years. He doubts the

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be general peritonitis instead of the localised form of the disease : then

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of the aggregate of fatal " pneumonia " of all kinds, as recorded in the

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coma is always a grave sign, though recovery from it is by no means

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the iincertainty and diversity of the bacteria flora.

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cases of this kind are " saprsemic," the mischief arising from the absorp-

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or untrustworthy, it is easy to mistake such a case for croup. It will

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with dry cough and constitutional irritability, where shelter from wind

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restore or partially restore the heart to a normal state it will so remain

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that, although the whole world is kin, yet there are racial and climatic