discovery of the diphtheria bacillus in the exudate of a scarlatinal
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the destruction of the parts of the cerebrum, and it seems
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treatment ; (c) too poor to benefit by any assistance other than
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exclusively the form of the disease met with in that country.
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tion of the ease just mentioned, and all ended fatally. In Kajjosi's
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in the tank at Saheb-Began, in Calcutta, and it was
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treatment, attention to the digestive system, fresh air and moderate
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If the work be distributed gratuitously, the demand
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results obtained with hydrochlorate of cocaine in two
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ing, included in Doctor Eve's collection : namely, a tined
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may be chartered at the will of any drug or medicine fiend,
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form, which, however, is probably pityriasis rubra pilaris.
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practically always means its occurrence in a preceding generation.
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be precipitated by water, and which always retains the scent acquired by
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In order to obtain medical information from the other dispensary
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protozoal parasitism in molluscum contagiosum would illuminate epithelial
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technique. It stains with difficulty, especially with methylene-blue, and
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research work in pathology, physiology, physics, and
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Knowing that cancer is curable, if totally extirpated,
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