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wishes are fulfilled. Similar feelings of pleasure and satisfac-

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operation, to restore the peristaltic movement suflSciently to

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appearing four to five hours after meals, which are intense at times, and

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Diagnosis. The diagnosis of disease of the ulnar nerve is easy, the

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Official list of the changes of station and duties of commissioned and non-commissioned

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supply it and ethylic alcohol is the favorite medium for the acetic-

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Many other curious sensitivenesses to foreign proteids must ap-

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though the one name is by no means coextensive with the other.

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Eyan clearly traced the origin of the dischargp to this unexpected accident.

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River. Professor Fraukland said at Loudon, in August,

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Toronto, taking the chair at the Medical Session , while Dr.

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detecting mal-presentations of the foetus in utero,

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ment used by old school physicians result in death in most instances.

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labor and delivery may initiate a “two-stage process”

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No sensory symptoms have been observed except that occasionally he

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prove, granulations covered the exposed tendon, and in time a scale of bone

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In the department of " Preparations" in the new Pharmacopoeia, we notice

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tions palustres. Rev. internat. de med. et de chir.. Par.,

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to a stiff froth, add half a cup of sugar, turn Over the pudding,

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There was, however, no ossific node at the end of the femur. The

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western, from which these statistics were collected,

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primary or secondary, and the amount of matters discharged from the

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data that chronic Bright's disease, more especially the small granular kidney,

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wood ; E. P. Gerry, Jamaica Plain ; H. P. Jaques, Milton ;

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result, except as to the part below the point of obstruction. At first the

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