studied, these two affections were of necessity confounded. The importance

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In Kuttner's and Ewald's series of 79 cases associated either with dilata-

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The Wisconsin Medical Journal (ISSN 0043-6542) is the official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin and is

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jaundice ; itching around the nostrils ; face, limbs, and body

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fever patients, in whom the local symptoms of hay-fever have been

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tain syringe, having a hard-rubber screw cut-off" to

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+ This doctrine seems to have been misapplied by ihe Uni-

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of election in the event of resorting to exploratory puncture. The muscles

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for educational failure and disaster may be held to rest upon our

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succeeded by a night as bitterly cold ; and yet our bivouack produced

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Instead of the usual pleximeter, a bit of firm, gray erasing rubber,

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instances recorded, delivery was not completed with the forceps; for when

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he had experienced similar pains and scanty urine many

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chronic hernia are different and should be considered separately, yet it is

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atomic energy, which in the case of each atom can be calculated

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caused by tlie primitive protopathic disease, of which the jdeurisy was an

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pancreas four to thirty-seven per cent, of the fat given

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convulsive respirations were noticed after, and all signs of life were

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Cass 8.— UngAh Buck,, autopsy Feb. l4, at noon at the under-

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It carries with it important lessons. It shows us the

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clavicular and inguinal glands; the absence of palpa-

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relied upon to prove this point, though it is open to grave

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Tosakae (H.) [Contribution to the antisepsis by cold

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large nerve, prolonged from the brain. They held the view