muscles were completely paralysed with Avasting, and there was difficulty
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fatty degeneration of the vessels, as some have supposed. In some
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anti-constipation pills which are useless and ofteni positively harmful.
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treme cold ; it must therefore be sufficient under conditions
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At the ankle-joint, there have been 20 amputations ; no deaths in the Crimea,
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monia than others (Wilson). The vitality is lowered,
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of New York, it has also been found to be equally effica-
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would be a much easier study than it is. But reason, as well as expen-
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fails to answer, remaining content with the conclusion that
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been done with a series of resolutions submitted by him to the
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forty years of age, sent by Dr. HalL She would bleed freely on
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don, etc. etc. 8vo. pp. 80. New York: Baillifere Brothers, 1866.
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unsteadiness, not only of the body as a whole but of the limbs also, which
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treatments for health, wealth, and success" are adver-
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for action ? The post-mortem examination removed this doubt. •
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enclosed by rigid walls. In almost all autopsies it may be seen that
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phthisical patients are kept, not treated. There are enough
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ceedings do more to depreciate than to elevate medical litera-
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by Ordenstein in his essay on paralysis agitans and sclerosis.*
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ness of some of the text-book descriptions, then the features possessed by it
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through the columns of a country paper. Our correspondence with a
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Association, Dr. Hartshorn, in providing attractive programmes,
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The demand for well educated female physicians has become a fixed
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sors, into whose hands these essays fall, are not disposed to read
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surface, with a very copious, purulent, foul-smelling dis-
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the peritoneal cavity. Increase of pressure in the portal system may
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