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especially his contributions " On the spontaneous Separation of the
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Jamaica, declined beinp placed in the King's Council, but accepted (I
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from a district which has been declared to be infected. It is
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lesions, their point of departure is rheumatic endocarditis. Pericarditis
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Certain features of the case are worthy of special remark.
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Eoyal Medical and Chirurgical Society an elaborate essay based
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modest he might be in speculating where others did not hesitate to dogmatize,
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Among those of special interest are the articles on the
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depression including anorexia, fatigue, weakness, restlessness, lethargy.
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ment used by old school physicians result in death in most instances.
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vesicular eruption. The fluid in the vesicles was dear.
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Mr. Le Gros Clark had arrived at the diagnosis in his case rather by exclusion
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the unfavourable signs already noticed; and, according to Dr.
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twice a day in winter, three times a day in summer, and scald it