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of the bandage should be fastened over the arm. In bandaging the foot*,

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blows received. The displacement may be slight, or the deformity may

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of the deltoid, should be made of a starch-paste dressing, leather, or

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Percussion. — There is dulness on slight percussion over the tumor, and

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adhesions form around the ends of the bones, the opening in the

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is often rapidly cured by enemata of chloral hydrate (gr. ij) in two or

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cer in the other organs. Secondary isolated growths may be scattered

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of the tissues, wounds of the lower bowel would always result in infec-

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its being discharged into the bladder, rectum, or vagina.

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Herniotomy.— Bassinfs and Halsted's operations for inguinal hernia

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disappears if the eyes are frequently bathed with warm water and properly

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this variety of bronchitis is accompanied by loss of strength and flesh ; it

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veloped, is never recovered from, and incapacitates the person to a greater

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II. Renal Hemorrhage. (Embo- VIII. Xeiv Groicths. (Cancer, etc.)

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minute, — after the fluid effusion has taken jjlace, it becomes feeble, sup-

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been employed, but so far as my experience goes they have no power to

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eral anasarca vrhich is so frequently met vi^ith in connection with paren-

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it is not present until an hour or so after eating. It is circumscribed to a

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to it. The angry, red, lobulated surface of the enlarged gland and the

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come pustules. In some cases the eruption over the whole body becomes

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this form of Bright's disease is the development of cardiac hypertroj)hy.

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stone, it is paroxysmal in character, and will shoot back from the margin of

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hot, the patient drowsy or restless in his sleep, moaning and grinding his

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accomplishment of this, there is but one remedy which can be relied upon

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be limited, or it may involve the whole organ. In the latter case, both

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dragging the head of the bone into the socket is bad, inasmuch as it may

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the dry plaster. This may be wrapped in oiled paper and kept ready for

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subcrepitant rales on both sides of the chest, and by the absence of bronchial

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Professor op Pathology and Practical MEnicisE in the Medical Department of the Univbr-

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edges of the ulcer are not approximated. The cicatrices which remain

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marked, active symptoms, as a chill, fever, pain in the head and back,

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formed by the person standing bent over a chair, the finger is introduced

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spores, and. those where spores are absent ; calling the first bacilli and