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(b) There are two fixed bases, namely : (I) Aselline, giving a chlor-

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the Victoria Hospital for Children. Attention was directed

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tions of his father and of William and John Dalrymple, and

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worth, 101 (98 per 10,000) ; and AVakefield, 77 (23 per 10,000).

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ground for fearing that this disease is becoming increasingly

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money to purchase the materials wlierewith to build a new

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President I.M.A. ; Professor Cunningham, Dr. AVoodhouse,

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Murray, F. T. Paul, W. T. Thomas, and Joseph Wiglesworth.

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tion for which these low rates are paid is of a very superior character,

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It is quite true, Sir, as has been staled, that in most English towns —

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parish of Thornton, in a very isolated position, and Ina low-lying, marshy

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duced only in stagnant waters through the putrefaction of

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paring the number of deaths caused by tliese articles with the

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Enumeration of Various Factors in the Production of QLdema.

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adulterated. Added to passive obstruction are the unwillingness of rail-

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value which such committees would have in assisting the

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sarily alike. It was common to find proliferation of the

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There were three main views as to the cause of congenital

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different countries, owing no doubt to differences in the

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among the public at large, remarked on the great value of

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The cholera seems to have ceased at St. Petersburg with the close of

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the medical oilicer's department should be reorganised, that

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not as easily obtain through the ordinary channels. Unfor-

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being engaged at several ports between Northumberland and

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liable to recall to service are, contrary as said to the expressed wish of;

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Resolved : That the Council aathorises the Editor of the

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without difficulty. 6. Barnes's bag partly dilates the cervix,

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Virchow had shown, also, that when the pulmonary arteries

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