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3.40. — Dog apparently not affected. 3.45. — Seems rather depressed,

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given it lags greatly behind the increase in the corpuscles. Coincidentally

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The Roentgen diagnosis of gastric lesions has now reached

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can be referred to that class of unsound mind. A man who

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which in a considerable number of cases magnesia is associated. Various

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The corpus callosus protruded extensively. At the base there was

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mass; on boiling, this dissolves, and after a while the liquid becomes

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countries. Loos believes that infection with Schistosomal hasmor

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eases of the Kidneys, is written by Dr. Francis Dela-

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limb, and with a dry gauze bandage, beginning with sjiiral turns wliich

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tended vesicles, of moderate size, observed in chicken-pox. Others of the spots

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tions were continued in order to prevent a recurrence.

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nated through the intestinal canal and the skin. These measures are to

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scent of the child is hindered by pelvic contraction, by cica-

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mastery ; and, agreeably to the recreative character of their occupations,

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weeks with complete and perfect movement of his joint.

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presents a fibrous appearance. There is no obvious enlarge-

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dulgences, or even inclinations, as some recent develop-

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respectively approximate to man. It is this difficulty which renders

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in its usual distribution, and fibrinous in the character of its exudation.

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mon domestic drink for the sick ; but it is not active

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were much enlarged, varying in size from a hazelnut to

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onset of the disease is not frequently marked by a cbilt, as we hare

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of this variety, the air-cells and bronchioles are filled

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heads diminished correspondingly in size. Unfortunately, the

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Mystic, Shawshine, and Charles River Waters Boston, 1874.

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corpuscles in this case. At the first count there had