viruses and central nervous system disorders, among

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half an inch of the edge, is the least sensitive portion. Substances

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Present this certificate on arrival at the Alamo counter at any location. Call your

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broken or disturbed by disease, but the very knowledge which

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the murmur is mitral in origin it generally will be also

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Dr. S. Baruoif, of New York, gave an account of Brandt's

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said he had operated in ten cases of simple fracture of

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quested veterinary surgeons to look out for cutaneous

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tuberculosis complicated with tuberculous disease of the

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mtdical, 1876, p. 406. 9. Idem. Deviation conjugee de la tite et des yeux, 1879.

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Dr. Wylie, in reply, said the patient came to him with hoarseness, and

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slightest acquaintance with it. If they have described, accidentally, any

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Serum agglutinating the typhoid bacillus at I : 2000. Current passed for six hours.

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in frequency, then intestinal haemorrhage, haemoptysis, hsematuria,

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occurs. The interval to the next bleeding, lasts from a few hours to

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medulla oblongata. Hematoxylin-eosin specimens of the latter show dense

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and exposures, and be more prompt in rectifying any " syreptom," by rest, warmth,

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and make considerable progress in twenty hours. But its commencement

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ability while it protects damaged mucosa from further injury. So the next time

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It has often been said that psychiatry has not kept pace with

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rubbed into the skin, and Antitussin seems to possess the same property.

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the breath or otherwise, or when it is oxidized. In certain dis-

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At the full development of seccmd dentition, aural dis-

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without passengers lie quarantined twenty-one days.

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and alkaline remedies cannot be satisfactorily explained on

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is disposed to believe that it acts primarily upon the sen-

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and sinking after evacuants, are much more common than in any febrile disease. Coma

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arterial coats has been ascribed the initiative role, and in each the

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tinged with- blood." After further comparing cattle plague with

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and extended over the nates behind, leaving the cleft of

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1 In Italy, western France, and elsewhere, a number of cases of

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for the high mortality, but he did not think in Ger-

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which, by an effort of nature, were thus feparated, expelled, and

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Treating alcoholism and other problems of addiction.

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don with water, the writer concludes : ' Clearly, then,

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access, where husband and wife are living near to each other, something more

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back to the catarrhal, pre-eruptive stage as the time when the disease

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son, in Rhinebeck, and later that of Dr. J. K. Rodgers,

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Dr. John Paekinson said he was interested in seeing the classification

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method known, the skin produced being soft and pliable,

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due u< its being a late sign of the :tl d i n recent ;■