Maness, J. M., Ellerbe, Univ. of N. C, 1909 1909 1910

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last is sometimes seen in mental disease, especially in mania,

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condition twice. Among 10,71 1 cases of hemoptysis collected by Strieker,

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the morbid condition there might be constipation, but diarrhoea

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material for an active suppuration about the necrotic centres.

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on the nerve-trunk, induce the neuralgia — are partly known, partly un-

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pp. b-^. Beggio nelV Emilia, S. Calderini e Jiylio,

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in the Civil War as second lieutenant of Company G, 14Sth

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a secretion of the pancreas, has been shown by Pawlow and his students

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it is a trade. Dentistry, while using the same niedan-

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Keep your rooms as cool as ])ossil)le, have them well

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While some cases survive slight tubercular infection and even

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'' An epidemic of scarlatina occurred at the Charleston (S. C.)

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friend, and from which the beautiful lithograph adorning these

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follow the attack, and is particularly apt to supervene on several attacks that

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stupidity or affright, got still more into the way, and Ada

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action on fluorescent substances. This phenomenon depends

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and Pulmonary Blood-vessels," describes the course of

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several days. The sound had already become inaudible when he com-

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bellum as a primary segment, nor the epicalia as a pri-

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Medica supposes an illustration of the medicinal nature of the ar-

obagi medical clenziderm m.d. therapeutic lotion benzoyl peroxide 5

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regeneration,"' which have been described in various insects by Leger

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All ages are susceptible to the measles poison, and the apparent exemp-

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Dr. Watson -Williams said the case was of such interest that he hoped

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very tight stricture of the meatus resulted. On page five it is

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' The Psychic Factor in Disease.— Robert W. Greenleaf l;y

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which its hlood-vesselfl and nerves pass to or from

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in asking for a birth certificate at the Registry of

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relief afforded by placing the head directly in the path of the

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robin, the beayer, and the rabbit to protect their young, by making

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Dr. Worms, physician in chief of the Military Hospi-

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polydipsia. A man, aged thirty-five, was kicked in the abdomen and fell,

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hospital and home," began its second volume. It is a neatly

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from before its entrance into tlie inira-orljital canal. But