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the fact yesterday. Ordered to remain constantly recumbent, to

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dren under 12 years of age is limited, administration of Talwin i

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a fatal issue for herself and offspring filled her mind with

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uncontrolled haemorrhage from the stomach with immediate

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jry rarely limited to one side, and corresponding muscles on the

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Berl., 1883, xl, 626-628. — Kinnler (J. D. F.) Epilepsy

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chief purpose of the Society is to ascertain, through experi-

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publish the results. There really could not be a better proof of the efficacy of mini-

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induced by mechanical disturbances, it may cause hoemorrhage from

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the two several diseases have a value as compared to which all

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fibrinous or purulent) may be present. Commonly there is cerebral congestion.

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his teacher; (5) the keeping by the clinical teacher

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testing the method of differentiating the typhoid bacillus, which has

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of St. George the Martyr, Southwark. The scale embraces

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Heineman, in a paper on this subject, gave a preHminary

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often seen it in cases of bronchitis long after the symptoms had

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April 17. Jaundice is evident in skin; dog very dull. 11 a.m. One

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had the last spark of life driven from him. This system

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He voided urine in the dressing during the night, and the next

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Madill, D. G., H. Jellett and R. M. Allan, Rotunda Hospital Reports, 292

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appliances in pronounced cases, but if these fail, the organ

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r, but usually at irregular, intervals for many years, or during life-

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service. If the heart's action is feeble small doses of digitalis are advisable.

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Choice of a Profession. — The choice of a profession for predisposed

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ration, the name of which is accompanied with so much of terror,

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cupfuls flour, 2 teaspoonhils baking powder, }4 cupful currants, a

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"Function of limb very good, but still disparity in muscular

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or the expense of its construction will be open to criticism in view of

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business, but returned almost immediately, the paralysis