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toms disappearing. — Journal de Midecine de Paris, De-
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from the body and study the changes which take place after the
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roughened inspiration, and audible and prolonged expiration; the symptoms
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Atwell, Gregory H., Esq., appointed Senior House-Surgeon to the
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would behove you to be on your guard in the latter instances and not to be
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absolute levels but low relative levels have been reported.
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study and should be recorded. These and other items help us to gain
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cramps in her legs and coldness of the lower half of
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By Christmas-time recovery was ^uite complete. The patient became
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masses ragged shreds of a different and firmer material began to
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affection, is produced. When a little tumor is pressed between the
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location, mission, hours of opening or closing, and at-
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desirable to have many patients with tubercular disease
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of corrosive sublimate in ether; but a mutual decomposition
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Very often he keeps a record of his symptoms, and in the con-
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- "The Effects of Baths, Massage, and Exercise on the Blood Pressure," Lancet,
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(b) As one moves the test object, which for convenience sake is often a
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papers, are now something enormous. It is easy to appre-
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48 Farfldic Anesthesia, or Sedation and Galvanization Used
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Meats (including pork) and lard, consumption, 1881-1903. . . 279
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rubbing of the surface the better. The best treatment for the unbroken
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December 1, 1856. Four months ago, being previously healthy, he was attacked
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Specimen No. 2615a from the Museum of University College Hospital.^
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Yet where each separately would not be enough to produce it,
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The underlying cause in these cases is usually an excessive
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water-plants. The larvae live either in water or damp eaith, and
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unfrequently proves the cause of exceedingly troublesome and obscure nervous
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prepared to expect. I do not know a more remarkable circumstance,
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The typhoid bacillus may pass from the mother to the child in utero,
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advocated by Kofmann of rendering bloodless the seat of a proposed opera-
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very apt to be idiotic. Of this it is needless to quote examples, as the records
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are other forms of the disease induced by other species