surface of the brain. Evidences of rickets are frequently apparent in the

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spasmodic or organic, the spasmodic form being due to spasms of the

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features drawn, the temperature high, and the hectic flush usually

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tagion. There are no facts to sustain the views as to the parasitic nature

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be irrigated with a solution of 1:1000 bichloride of mercury. All dead

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its advanced stages, inhalation of oxygen has caused disappearance of albu-

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immune to the organism in. question. These conditions will modify the

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recognized by its fixed position and non-gravitation of its fluid. In ascites

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organs. This is all the more liable to occur when the heart action is feeble. The fat not only comes from

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In intercostal neuralgia, the duration of the attack, the points of tender-

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digitalis alone fails to increase the quantity wiien the urine is scanty, then

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quiescence. The urine should be voided at stated intervals. The per-

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iodide of potas><ium tlio rejjutation which it once had for promoting the

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1 Eulenberg regards increased development of fat in the cellular tissue of the orbit, as, in part, the

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local symptoms are not infrequently accompanied by rigors, and the tem-

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yielded to the blood pressure, and this allows of regurgitation. Sometimes

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The disease is ushered in by a chill and high fever. Equalization of the

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changed by pressure : then the color of the spots becomes darker in hue,

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are involved, it is called localized capillary bronchitis ; but when the bron-

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parts of the tissues leading to the extension of the infection, whereas,

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ing spot shading off toward the periphery. Its course is the same as in

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a fairly good new joint is formed, and the history of the case indi-

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In long-standing chronic gastritis there may be abrasions of the inu-

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which indicate the presence of renal concretions are present only after vio-

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conjunctival vessels ; the axillary tcni])ci'ature may ran^e from 10'^' J'\ to

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Etiology. — Diphtheria is a contagious disease, often prevailing epi-