Medico-Chirurgical Society of Glasgow, Mr. Maylard, our

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instance, indicates 0.150 per cent, of blood sugar, and 150 mm. Hg of pressure.

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ing upon their source from veins or capillaries. Free hem-

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coma. There was a constant tendency to collapse, and death occurred in

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iron-rust, and at the same time an animal diet, the

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cases of organic disease until the second period, when the symptoms of dis-

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times a day. Or it may be given in malt extract and cod-liver oil, or

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lead pencil. At this operation a gastro-enterostomo-

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Mr. Henry Crookes, May 15, 1903, at a Conversazione of

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tion of acupressure ; whilst, in the capacity of which we now

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birth (which might be designated natal) are the results of pressure

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ley, was found March 23d, resting on a ledge of rock

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profound effects secured for the cord are rational conse-

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pill-mass, and then to roll it out and cut it into lozenges, which can be made of

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increased intra-alveolar air-pressure. The increased tension in the air-cells

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observations in this matter on monkeys and on parrots.

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which, occurring in other mucous membranes, are termed catarrh. It

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iorly, or actually a greenstick fracture at that situation; the projections

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also be given. Fresh green vegetables, such as spinach, well

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classes n\ bacteria represented by those staining and th ┬╗lor-

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the conflict of knowledge and of faith, of scientific mechanism

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forefinger. Of the pecuhar prolonged thrill often observed on pereussioo