men. During the prevailing epidemic the past winter many of the
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the relief of pain during labor and delivery has been
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present. Finally, because of the increasing severity of
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“I want that old roll-top desk of mine at the electric
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and helpless. The first half of this pregnancy, her health was
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promptly demand a careful roentgenologic examination
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when introduced into the system; second, to make the application.
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Homer B. Fegley, Maj., Walter Reed Hospital, Washington,
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ysis of these singly or collectively constitutes the
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the regular medical profession and their qualified aides.
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cause than alcohol. But that in some instances the co-existence
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us are not able to have them. However, I do feel that
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to his widow, he is survived by a daughter and a son.
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in leukoplakia, not that syphilis itself is necessarily the
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honorary chairman of the Council for the year 1942-
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I would like to emphasize more particularly — the in-
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of assistants and nurses to render the more efficient aid to the city
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pneumonia terminal). — B. W., a white male, aged 69,
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important urinary constituents, normal and abnormal, such as urea,
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of motorial symptoms, these views which ascribe a nutritional
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lobe is re-expanding and apparently will fill the remain-
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plied as Ipral Calcium (calcium ethylisopropylbarbiturate)
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Dr. William L. Estes, Jr., chairman of a committee to
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ical Society considered opening the staff of the Hazle-
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trict councilors are requested to urge prompt payment
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mentary schools, totaling over 3000 students, were given
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war effort. Our immediate aim is to attain the 5000
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ally effective in controlling diarrhea ; or one may
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Committee on Conservation of Vision: John B. McMurray,
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acute appendicitis has been seriously curtailed, with
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ical journals dwell largely upon reflecting credit upon their
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Hospital has received a grant of $500 from the Emma
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words, the fee paid by the Medical Service Association
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mittee has distributed over $537,000 worth of drugs,
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Consider the ease and rapidity by which the thermogenic centres
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individualizing the treatment of patients, even though