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manuals, it has by this revision been brought up to
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week, states that the Committee had inspected several pro-
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exercise of ten or fifteen minutes at regular intervals >everal
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book, which he brought out in quarterly numbers, The Asclepiad,
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Symptoms. — Vei-y severe pains radiating from the part, rapid swelling,
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hours later. A dilatation of the oesophagus was detected near its lower
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down to the bone, and all uneasiness at once ceased, and the eye, shortly
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cian, was asking fifteen dollars to deliver a baby at the
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the general practitioner — ^has replaced the keen, rapid thrust of the
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stimulants. SeveralremarkableinstanceswiUbefoundreportediii
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of the patient, often also her moral character. To these chances
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for the week ending October 19. The rise in the number of cases
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the term " Pott's fracture " is no more of a diagnosis than " Colles's
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day-room. The only attendant seems to have been the
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this staphylococcic vaccine in the treatment of goitre. I consequently
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double the normal. Qosely related to this are other observations which
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with the same general symptoms as in the faucial disease.
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sult of the action of a particularly intense contagion, relapsing fever
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Contractures of all the limbs became very great before
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does not fluctuate ; and little or no pus escapes on incision. Sloughing
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covered from with partial loss of motion. It is usually many
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the routine employment of this treatment before operation. It has
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Definition. — This is an acute, infectious, febrile disease, self-limited,
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iron rust, which is harmless and can be administered freely. This
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train or tram-car, or even stooping to tie a bootlace. Excessive
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practice, long established, this is your opportunity.
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called the "sensitizing" dose, and the second, called the "reacting"
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There is one exceedingly annoying variety of hysteria, and that is where
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the truth of them. She also recognized fully and completely the