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position is variable ; they are fond of activity, but fatigue easily ; oth-

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towel and rode in a street-car from Fourteenth Street

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•when the paroxysm is over, the child lies for the most part in a

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and in 1833 it had reached forty-five years and five

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was found in every part of the intestines, both small and large, and

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in scurvy, and in other hemorrhagic conditions. Acute lymphoid

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technique. It stains with difficulty, especially with methylene-blue, and

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cure these maladies any more than we can cure smallpox

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In lead poisoning, which causes hyperepinephry in guinea-pigs (Bernard

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out of this water the patient rapidly wets his entire body.

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apparently harmless in its effects. Amberg (43) quotes the follow-

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reveal a cause for tiie asthenia, such as excessive vomiting, over-

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The contents may be clear and serous, containing albumin and choles-

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the latest revision of the U. S. Pharmacopoeia, and also embodies the

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cases, and seemed out of all reasonable proportion to the ap-

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Sixty-eight Illustrations. New York : Macmillan & Co.,

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train or tram-car, or even stooping to tie a bootlace. Excessive