sult was merely a little itching sore, beginning on the day of re-vac-
feel sure that a similar plan could be pursued with
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salicylic acid and to be less harmful. I have not seen any good results fol-
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have termed the "dead arterial pocket," while there is still little if any
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tion of the submucous body and cellular membrane, which he pre-
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During the remainder of 1845, and the whole of the ensuing year,
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The insufficiency of the histogenetic principle in the identification
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was one of meningeal apoplexy, in which there were effused into
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in neuralgia it is slight at first and gradually exacerbates. Pain in cere-
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bacilli appeared, but on the 5th day a gradual decrease was observed. On the
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of one to ten. If the bacilli begin to lose their motility
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scarlatina are equal, uniform and symmetrical. Their colour is
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the cells a small border of granular or filiform protoplasm is seen
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may be taken as the measure of the effect of vagus stimulation on
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mernjh, appeared in Schmidts' Jahrbucher, for 1645. They are,
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under the ordinary symptoms of catarrh, were affected with diar-
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discussing, viz. : whether acute polio-myelitis is an interstitial or a parenchjonatous inflammation. The
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always easy to appreciate, and yet it is important to distinguish the
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gins very early in life, the head may become as large as in congenital hy-
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At times the loss of coth'dinatioii is so irreat that for days the ])atieiit is
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sometimes present. It is said that ocular disturbances will be present in
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which has many parallel roads, is safer than if urged into a single
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more or less interstitial inflammation of a very low grade of the braiii-
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within twenty-four hours after the occurrence of the chill. In typhoid
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is slow, and the patient recollects the details of the syncope. Loss of con-
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serum treated organisms. It is further evident that the serum of
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um. Visceral neuralgias have been considered in the list of Visceral Dis-
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full, slow, and of increased tension ; the aiijery often sliow& athero^
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that brickdust is as good as any medicine devised by skill, learning,
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is temporarily suspended, the cerebellar influence having full play.
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13. Evans, H. M., Bowman, F. B., and Winternitz, M. C, /. Exp. Med., 1914,
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the quack too often succeeds; when death impends,* the quacks are
and it seems probable that, in working out means of preventing and
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I. The Serum Globulins in Bacterial Infection and Immunity.
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