Liverpool were held and practised, Mr. Smith has ever followed them;
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resemble sarcomata. Here are sections of lung from a twelve-year-old
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Delivered the Harveian Oration. — Pamphlet on the Drain-
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themselves to local treatment, but in most patients durable results
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Although the Museum is annual, it is by no means intended to ex-
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The Rev. Dr. Bell. — We prefer to leave the enunciation of the opinions contained
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operation. 2. A Calculus from a man aged 72, and dijbris of two cal-
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it, that the closure of the valves cannot coincide, in this case, with
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previously healthy quarters, where the first cases are naturally referred
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usual vis a frojtfe : hence the effect displayed by the veins. By no means
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bruising of the neck of the bladder and other structures, proceedings
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ter and pupils where the teacher also is a learner and
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the traumatic fever which followed it, had no effect on the intermit-
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Acute myocarditis has been divided into primary and secondary.
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Mr. Foster, in vacating the presidential chair which he had ably filled
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basis, form fibrous tumours of considerable size. The transformation
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to form hippuric acid, and thus break up the noxious biliary mass. Dr.
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This is to testify that I have Buffered for a long lime with the liver complaint,
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circulars at the beginning of the year from the local Secretaries, are
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apex, and more rarely in the region above the heart over the aortic
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enabled more effectually to contend for the adoption of the principles
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fore Monday, August ist, and be removed on or before Monday,
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by the profession. It was said that the medical body was represented
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GRE.AT NORTHERN HOSPITAL, Wednesday, July 27th, 2 P.M. Removal of
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exercised for some days, but had been liberally fed, aroused suspicion
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voice, nor does it save life. There are several well authenticated
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to be avoided ; plenty of fresh vegetables are to be
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peared, dropsical symptoms showed themselves. For this he was
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Philpots. — On July 25th, at Leamington, the wife of *E. P. Philpots, M.D.,
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Many cases of eczema at present under treatment in hospital are
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home its action seemed exaggerated, the fore-legs being thrown out-
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vessels with extended sails ; and fishing barks seen
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which its tissue was softened and haemorrhagic ; the left lung hypo-
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varied according to the point chosen : the part within the neural canal