bed. Jle passed the night in a heavy, dreamless sleep,

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which, because of its resistance to all other measures,

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more frequently than those of the lower extremities. The fact of its

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tween muscular fibre, properly so-called, and arterial blood in contact with it, and conse-

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saw him at Guy's Hospital he was suffering from intestinal obstruction

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It is, of course, easy to make a diagnosis of measles when the

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promptly and decidedly relieved the patient of his suflFerings; the fever

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areas from 13.52/l,000to 20.96/1 ,000 population ages 19

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case be recent these deformities will not disappear even iii the

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" Monograph on Vesicular Worms, containing the Description of

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4. To insure success, the candidate should have a thorough knowl-

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sestivo-autumnal infections, but there are two methods of diagnosis which

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cases of diabetes, Hirschfeld was impressed with the

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Dr. Douglas moved, seconded by Dr. Roome, that the report of the Complaints Com-

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Paralysis of the Right Vocal Cord following Injury to the Recurrent r^aryngeal

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typhus fever. Cases however occur in which it is difficult or impossible

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e. All deaths due to poisoning, whether homicidal, suicidal, or accidental.

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The history of the patient should be carefully inquired

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In the foregoing remarks on the general measures of treatment, reference

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disposal, by means of which the cellular elements of the neuroglia were brought

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medullated nerve fibres. There were also yellow elastic fibres, blood-

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commentaries, likens the life of a physician to Plutarch's