times a slight rise of temperature, which is of but short duration. There

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have published results obtained in the treatment of patients with Dochez

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of Tunnicliff and Ferry and Fisher has received considerable attention.

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deepens, and often, for several days before the end, it would be difficult for

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atrophied, it may weigh only 24 oz., it is flabby, and varies from dark brown

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by repeated experience, that they may eafily be ren-

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The cornea becomes generally opaque from the effusion of lymph into its

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jaundice; or deficient formation, as in benzol poisoning. In every case '

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life. The nodules are due to enlargement of the ends of the bones, which

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case the contained secretion will escape when the organ is made straight.

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Diagnosis and prognosis. — When the invasion is sudden, a case

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bowels to act. Cod-liver oil is of undoubted service, especially in the form

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Doses of 2.5 c.c. to 7.5 c.c. of serum for children of three years of

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the great detriment of their health, though they do

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of the lower limb take place after the child has learnt to walk.

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if they are foft and yield to the preffure of the hand ;

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to the air, a bkie pellicle, which having been mixed

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The child's thirst is distressing, and it cannot be appeased, owing to the

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becomes markedly cyanosed, and the pulse so feeble as to be almost

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symptoms of stricture, that is, of the difficulty of entrance of food into the

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perhaps a steam-kettle constantly puffing wet steam into the room. The

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to fluid nourishment ; subsequently, only the most simple and digestible

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horfe mufl be put into the fame pofture, as near as

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It is of efiential importance for the health of horf-

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disease ; others, again, are local non-infective diseases. Thus the tonsils

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kind, than to fell them off when young -, the profits

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lobular septa, or of alveolar walls, may be seen in the large emphysema-

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joints, but who are predisposed to gout either by inheritance or by mode of

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the fibrous tissue contracts, and a depressed fibrous patch on the surface of

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are beginning or rapidly developing. One or two bacilli appear outside

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which have been recorded, the pouch has lasted for many years, arid

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After swallowing a large dose of corrosive sublimate, severe symptoms

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suction sound. After the patient coughs, in which act a certain amount of

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demonstrated their action upon the living body. Since then many investi-

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