present. Under these circumstances death usually ensues at the end of a

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which is often completely healed. On the other hand, the cases

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1. Further Observations on the Treatmerjt of Congenital

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vaseline and the speculum removed. The pain which some-

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Jng on the chest or abdomen the situation of the tumor, or the

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invited to the house of the General as frequently as other officers of equal

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wi hstanding its large size, did not interfere with the funet.ons

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cross-examination. As a rule, nothing should be entered in a report which

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is more or less variation in this nerve supply. While the

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Forms sec. 2 of: Codex meilicameut.irius Europajus.

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sutures. There were no complications excent a^temperature

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the intellectual functions become more and more disturbed.

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tains detail dissections of the superficial and deeper

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this charm see W. G. Black, Folk-Medicine, p. 82 ; Fettigrew, Medical

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Heneberger, L. G., surgeon, detached from the " Indiana,"

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mechanisms employed in arc lamps : ( 1 ) those which main-

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monium however uniformly affects her head and eyes, but this

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and others which he had seen, tearing away tubes and

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that leprosy is hereditary, but that it also frequently occurs in

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be treated along different lines. Basal celled tumors

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albumin), but that which only shows serum-albumin and serum-glob-

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In March (11th to 23d), 1895, occurred four cases, and in May (15th

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have fastened themselves on the skin at once removed.

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That, while it arrests ]>rofuse suppuration, it will, by al-

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These and any tumor adherent to or invading the sacrum

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in the kidneys, probably from urea and glycocin, and is

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septum, and in which there was extensive interstitial