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I have been notified by my physician that he believes that, in my case. Medicare is likely to deny payment

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British Medical Temperance Association — Sec, Carlton House, Enfield.

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strychnin is administered than otherwise. Now, I spent nearly all my time one

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pay tlie physician for his trouble. Therefore, let there be a distinct

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ceive the most basic services. Patients frequently feel a lack

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consider the internal treatment of cholelithiasis, etc., to be

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to have been 1894. All the twelve patients whom I treated with

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patient may depend upon their early recognition. They consist of muscular

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It may also happen that the missile, having entered on one side

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liable to interfere with the process of digestion or prevent the

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appearance of the first edition^ demands some notice from us. The

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wanted for use. Take of these rose leaves 4 oz. \ dried lavender-

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cialties, Bonamine, Tyzine, and Toclase, and the complete

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lations as to the qualifications of public vaccinators,

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organ, accord well enough with the microscopical appearances found. The albu-

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some families, where a contagious disease exists, have

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with which it may be confounded are those in which itching is a leading

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the swelling. The latter had increased in size and in

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the tissues so easily that suturing can be done by hand,

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deaths from all causes, either as an open or partially cicatrized ulcer.

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Clinical evidence points to a more than palliative in-

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an address; name wholly unknown to me, though the address —

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adenoids bear to a tuberculous predisposition has not been determined,

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Cruelty to Animals — a society entirely distinct from

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probable that starch is capable of combining av ith sulphuric acid,

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lIoTKi, Piivsici.\N8. — Till' Saratojja County Medical

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disease, then it follows that every leper must be regarded as

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ditions are believed to increase the tendency to insanity ; i.e.,

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The affection called cholera, in its ordinary form, is commonly known

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some which originate from other causes: thus much only I believe I have

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nervous system. The facts I am to relate, ought to make physicians

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withdrawing the catheter, I washed out his bladder two

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the science of restoring or preserving health and in-

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