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worm, the thread worm, the long thread worm, the common tape

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Lehigh Valley M. Mag., Eastou, Pa., 1890-91, ii, 6.— I.o-

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relief, and in many cases do positive harm. The favourable

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at that time swelling of the feet and legs and dyspnea. Sept. 8, 1915,

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bine in attack to weaken the cell membrane, to remove waxes and lipid

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being spent, the latter fell into a dull lethargic stage far more

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pouring of verse, glowing, as might be expected, with

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be drawn out from between the others in the form of a hollow cyHnder.

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also makes the claim that his is the most effective form of treatment. We

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arean section had been done eight times up to 1889, and rup-

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very little short of disgusting when every Tom, Dick and

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diastolic pressure, is to teach the clinician and the

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of the rice-eating areas lives on a dietary whose protein value

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executed. In teaching of the children and nursing of the sick, and

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scopy and EGD were done and revealed mild gastritis.

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direct application by means of the brush, or better

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it appeared that the consensus of surgical opinion was that the

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begins primarily in the respiratory apparatus, it takes the form

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Descrixition. — From a patient, aged 22, on whom a radical operation was

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direct influence in preventing their occmTence or cutting short their

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Hypophysis. The importance of changes in the hypophysis seems to

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distension, etc. The diagnosis I made was catarrhal appendicitis, which

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This listing of continuing education programs in California, Hawaii,

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When 18 years of age he acquired gonorrhea, which sub-

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head will probably be found at the brim of the pelvis,

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when the bladder becomes involved or the constitutional disturbances

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six inches and a quarter long, oedematous, and much thickened

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silex should be studied, especially as it was one of

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a cubic centimeter (of a ten cubic centimeter salt solution suspen-

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reported in human practice. The physiological eJBfects of

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speedily becomes weak and very rapid. As soon as the rice-water discharges

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and commends it to all citizens of North Carolina, to the end that

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cachexia produced by the disease ; in other cases, from the weakness caused

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tages it presents — many have asked for one of the lists that they may keep It as^