(6) The last method in vogue, and the best, the only radical
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being evaluated in monkeys for possible later use in patients.
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pared spectrophotometrically. The result of the comparison is shown
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'Transactions' for that year. The patient was a male, aged 29.
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it too complex in its current form. In recognition of the fact
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nrtne. The symptoms of pyelitis, renal abscess, and hydro-nephrosis,
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failures were traced to difficulty in paring the wart, and as
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Dr H. continues, " evinces that coftivenefs precedes and ac-
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logical grounds is practically impossible. The bodies are roundish
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superfluous for us to speak about it. It has been a
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hang down ; he walks as if overpowered by sleep ; and
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Secretion is the formation of various fluids or humotfts, from
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increased or practically normal (Jolly, Vaquez). The increase chiefly affects
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dreo. It is, moreover, the fragile constitutions, with slender bones,
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istered, a large aspirator needle was introduced between the
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they were occurring daily and lasting for several hours. He was in an
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Daldness's having arisen £rom overexertion of the brain, over-anxiety,
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be given at short intervals — i.e., water, toast water, bar-
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the congress are earnestly requested individually to notify immediately the
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her child, which she carried nine months, but owing to her feeble situ-