Southall, Edward, acting assistant surgeon, is relieved from duty

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are sometimes observed. There may be hemiplegia present or total

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(4) The ear of an albinotic rabbit showing more marked

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Choice of a Profession. — The choice of a profession for predisposed

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Forty years ago bleeding was the accepted remedy for

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part in the production of the above conditions is evident. The

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Prof. Lunsford Vandell was, as Mr. Madden remarks, a man of

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or whenever a dropsical crasis has developed. We shall consider this

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but an abnormal fulfilment of the ordinary functions of tho

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beef-tea and wine. For the soreness of the genitals fomentations of chamomile

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the visceral gioup, being derived from the lateral plates of the meso-

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time, and for a still longer time remained very sensitive.

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apex not being materially altered. Indeed, I believe

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same process: (1) The merely congested or engorged liver, found in

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one always sees before Ms eyes the danger to life in operat-

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prived of its power for harm, desiccation being suflicient for

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1904 c— Idem. [Abstract of 1904 a, by Klett] <Fortschr. d. Vet.-Hyg., Berl.,

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avec des briques et du platre, dites votites plates;

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there was a cavity containing about three ounces of clear fluid.

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the character of slow motion vertically upward at a constant rate of

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ousness of careful diagnosis, and he is likely to become an

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nently tonic state in a heart which had been previously weak. Therefore,

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lips with strong catgut ligature. The next procedure was to suture the

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struation affords relief, and at the same time indicates

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5. For sufficient reasons— viz., mental inability, incomplete

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not always, and indeed it very rarely, maintained this regularity in its

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a fatal termination, and the inefficiency of treatment. The

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