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as the symptoms, is essentially identical with the severe forms of typhus.
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best results have been obtained from operation. Every possible sugges-
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folds of the nates and groin, which had steadily increased in size,
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typhoid fever. On the 31st he complained of pain in the
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By cultivating in agar-agar, in broth, and in milk (which it turns acid, but
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polycythemia of this order is seen in esophageal cancer, where the
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history of the quartan is spent in the circulation, and sporulating
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principles are ingested and the minimum of food is eaten that
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tory testimony that he had studied physic or surgery, or
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thereby affecting psychical, motor and reflex func-
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or hemiplegias of slow onset and of different degrees of intensity, or paralysis
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tion). A sensation of dryness and burning in the nose is sometimes present.
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it in the powdered state by swallowing it with a draught of some
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less secondary decomposition produced with this cell.
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nitrogen can be ascertained with a high degree of accuracy, and with
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5. Cases showing low eosinophilia (below 15%) under
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vinced us that at a given period of time all the breasts of any one animal
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