The mesentery and omentum are also studded with granules. The adhe-

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physical condition of the lung. When the pleural cavity is partly filled

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lar contraction, when the shortening may not be so great.

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of the carbonates and laetates. IHiuliarb and aloes will best relieve tho

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as often to escape notice. Delirium and convulsions rarely occur except

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and the head of the fibula, to a point midway between the two malleoli.

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diseases of the heart and lungs, to the specific fevers, malaria especi-

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Ag'e. — Fractures are more common after the age of forty-five, be-

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the cocci, debilitating the system, and the other the deposit of the

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cent, of the cases. Inasmuch as nothing can be done in the way of

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and there will appear around it a distinct areola ; about the seventh day

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Morbid Anatomy. — The morbid appearances in chronic gastritis vary

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viscid discharge may be discovered oozing from the cavity or sinus

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K"o drugs will be found of any advantage. There are cases where the

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passed the poison reproduces itself and sets up a second fever. A more

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chord:o londineEe, or the ventricular walls. It may also occur in extensive

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by its presence, interfere with the nutrition of the lung tissue, and the

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cyst, attaching the gall-cyst to the intestine — cholecystenterostomy.

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nails become harsh and dry, and easily split. With the growth of the

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ties upon its surface. As the disease progresses a peri-cystitis consolidates

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chiefly found in children who die of brain disease.

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dren utter the low, whming cry. Passive hyperemia and cedema of the ex-

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blood is set free in one of two ways : either the extravasated corpuscles dis-

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growing in the floor of the mouth. It is produced by closure of Whar-

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unfavorable. If seen early, the locomotor ataxia can be cured. In bad

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tion is the result of injury, and anti-inflammatory treatment is neces-

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occurs in portions of lung which are the seat of pulmonary hjperjemia

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Morbid Anatomy. — In active hypergemia the lungs contain more blood

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phates has been noted in certain diseases of the bones, such

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ing period, there may be noticed a peculiar ichorous discharge from the

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do so as regards stimulants as a " i)lan of treatment ; " and where the patient

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In the so-called false haematuria the urine contains only haemoglobin^