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cious anemia that differentiate it from secondary anemias are the changes
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■with a Medico-legal eye, and so be prepared to give evidence,
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symptoms. It sometimes failed, but was generally successful.
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on one side, the major fragment swings to the injured side, the
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Binary Fission. — Starting with a typical medium-sized parasite
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of edema, the figures are only slightly lower. It would seem that this
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ing the same period from a gunshot wound, in a boy who had not
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treated by local treatment alone if the XJatient will give himself up to
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Course — Diagnosis. — Locomotor ataxy has been divided into three
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tube attached. The cylinder, or boiler, is of sheet
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severe cutting pain extended along the track of the intestines, so that the
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gynecology is especially apt to attribute every symptom to pelvic
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to the foot-posts, making it the right distance to grasp and pull
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pain, and conld walk and sit with no other inconyenience than was caased by
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below zero they are frozen. Others, on the contrary, as the rein-
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Balloons over Others, i.e., Barnes' Bags.— ( i ) They
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of the parts with effusion of blood. It presented the appearance of an exten-
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the great length of time which had elapsed since the
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gives off softer and more absorbable cision would result in a scar noticeaoie
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' Lectures,' pp. 861 and 369, mentions that in three fatal cases of chorea he found
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sutures to the skin ; a large bread poultice was placed over the wound, and
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Note. — The amount of oxygen required to ojcidise the organic matter,
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cornea posteriorly to within a quarter of an inch of the optic
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timate connection with the corpuscles could be plainly