much less severe (vomiting being absent, and the pain being confined

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toxin is formed by the action of one of the intestinal ba-

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procedure recommended is an injection of a solution of nitrate of silver,

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should be rubbed to bring out peristalsis. If these methods

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of the i)aper in women who had borne many children or

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subjects than in normal healthy persons. It follows that the

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did not become infective till just before her confinement, at the

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passed. Had he seen Dr. O'Brien's patient he would have

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"irritation ' of the uterus, it seems proper to sujv

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Such cases are spoken of by some German ^\Titers as "rheumatic," according

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to be presupposed as only one-half of the macula lutea was affected. It

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come exsanguine, and be in danger of dying from its

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During the period from August 20 to August 30 one French and

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ally increased the effect of the bromides, hyoscyamin, and belladonna, and he had

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of direct external violence, it seems that we are justified in as-

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is a collapsed appearance which is of great value in making the

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ences, well-regulated methods of living, e.g., avoidance of too much

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and, at the same time, lose their sheath and the white sub-

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gested that, while the ordinary peristalsis carries the contents adjacent

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made radiograms with Rieder in Munich. And now. instead of

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or more lots, so that controls could be obtained without any disturbance to the

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produce the breakdown. When once the condition of stupor has been

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and the fatty emulsive ; on these M. Bernard has instituted experiments : —

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rapidity, leaving no trace behind them. It has a tendency to recur,

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gested feeling in his head, he suddenly and entirely lost

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and sprinkle with formaldehyde as recommended by the Chicago method;

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pneumonia, phthisis, syphilis, septicjema, rheumatism, gout,