tube into which it may happen to fall, and thus give rise to complete col-
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those muscles which are most powerfully exercised in running,
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by an areolar, soft, spongy structure filled with blood.
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«p old bones of contention, which we had once buried. But it is very
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practitioners, with their knowledge well arranged and practically useful.
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les freres avec leurs soeurs, etc. ; there is a frightful pellmell. The Jftrongest
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Dr. L. A. Dugas, President. Dr. D. C. O'Keeffe, Ree'g Sec'ry,
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than twenty years, and had consulted various practitioners, and
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city produced little or no effect on them. Doctor Carpenter
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of from gr. iv, to vj. y two or three times per diem. We have gi ven
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be better defined than hundreds, nay, all in these two cases were.
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maneuvering, the instrument finally lost the track by which the sound had
frequently resorted to than these, did the profession feel sure they
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The proper uses of strychnia, as of all medical agents, are only thorough-
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their use in very large quantities was absolutely demanded in
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fact, there is too much medicine swallowed. There is also no
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purpose of injecting the vapour of chloroform into the vagina in
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" Every one knows that on applying the hand over the precordial re-
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consequently no anaesthetic would be required. Ancesthsia would be
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.much more serious. In order to diminish the risk of
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its being n . as in using chloroform, to have an assistant to
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fice, to syncope ; and in this case induce an approach to fainting
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Prof, of Surgery in the N. Y. Col. of Physicians and Surgeons.
ing the same tendency to change as when awake ; it being found
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although comparatively large in an acute attack, is entirely
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the arm under the anaesthetic influence of a frigorific mixture of salt and
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character and of easy accomplishment, but, in making the
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at intervals of fifteen to twenty minutes, until late in the afternoon
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I remain yours, respectfully, J. P>. S. Jackson.
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seems frequently to be very nauseous to the patient.
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The night sweats were controlled subsequently by the use of the pills,
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boiled in a glass vessel. A glance at such cells under the
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prising explorer, whose feet still sparkling with ice as he descends
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Attending Physician to the Presbyterian Orphange and to the Out-Patient
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steaks and ale entered generously into his diet, and the pa-
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these experiments, it appears that the blood is so far subject
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around the longitudinal axis of their body as they do when the middle
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which will prevent the proper action of the acid, — [London Lancet,
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vaginal septum, urges the uterus to renewed or more energetic
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nmns controlled the flexor muscles. It was even found, by
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the easily-soluble nature of the covering exposes the medicine, almost
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in cases of emergency he should not perform these operations
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curring the charm' of egotism, to appear before the fraternity and his
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before assuming the responsibilities which attach to the discharge of