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■■ (iood Public Health Service in Small Towns and Rural
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The sedative treatment may be carried out by the application of hot fomen-
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of this diforder, that its head was eaten all round,
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occur within two years of infection. Of the lesions connected with occlu-
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In a registration booth in San Francisco an old colored
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If specific treatment is started early, the prognosis is good ; but when
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of combining with acids to form salts. It is to these bases that plants
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up, great care is taken of him, he is inftruded and
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severe forms, and in persons under middle age, the prognosis is bad.
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dilatation cannot take place to any extent in the lungs. Nor does it seem
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feeding with tuberculous matter, or by intravenous injection of the same.
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the title of, Libellm de aphis p cor inis anni I'jS^,
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be cured of this diforder, yet his brain is fometimes
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at Guy's. One was an example of that curious condition in which cysts
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they have little manes, the head well fliaped, fmall,
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contained in the descriptions already given. It may be generally stated
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fe^\ual in clearing the mouth and gullet in children of
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true that tired debilitated women are subject to pain in the back
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is irregular and knobby, and the nodules may be even made out to be
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patients, in order not to further increase the mischief. They nearly all
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as, prognostically, very unfavourable, I have seen many liver abscesses in
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not cut beyond 20-25° of central fixation — it is a most excellent surgical
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surroundings, and heliotherapy. Even in a rigorous climate exposure
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This nomenclature is very misleading, inasmuch as it leads to the non-
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alterative, and how, 219. Where, generally, beft placed, ib
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and of smell, and speech may be reduced to a husky whisper. Later on
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difficulty that we obtained an acid reaction in some of these
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Gummata develop slowly in muscles, without pain. There is usually
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rather (Irength than fwiftnefs, and weight rather than
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referred pain of the shoulder joint which is down the upper half of
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the reach of manual affiftance. In doing this, I fhall
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and usually is in itself evidence of extensive constitutional affection. The
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some haemorrhage, both into the lumen of the bowel and into the space
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strength of the heart's contraction. He puts on one side all the
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Following the lines of human intercourse, it extends from time to time as
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behind, the fole fhould be pared as thin as poflible,
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of ptomaine poisoning, which, in addition to causing erythema and
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Certain of the nematodes are oviparous ; others are viviparous, or ovo-
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formed by four million little kidneys. This conception is quaint as well
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