Reaction against ocular and cerebral injury, Parkman's 143
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Medical Council in a province has a very important work to perform ; there is no Dominion
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which was described by Roloff and Bollinger in 1875 and 1876.
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temporarily deprive a part of the heart wall of blood. A
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. Long continued roughness of the throat, commencing soon
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thesia, or of spasms and paralysis in the parts supplied by the cerebral
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talis, and the veratrum viride, may in this way be useful. Certain remedies
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the portal areas particularly, there is some overgrowth of connective
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A. This is a severe degree of the condition just described,
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3. Radiography is indispensable not only in demonstrating the
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apt to supervene in these fevers. Sometimes the stomach is
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■al salts, moisture, and the volatile constituents
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nervous communication from one organ, in which it is developed,
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Mr. Bryant said that, in one case, he tapped a cyst thesizeof
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we would acknowledge Deity in them all. But it is against what we
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will let us hear from them and tell us how it impresses them. They
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cellular membrane. It extends sometimes within the mouth, spread-
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Department ; Sir James Y. Simpson, M.D., of Edinburgh,
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pends merely on the evidences afforded during life, but which
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meeting of the American Medical Association, where we spent a very
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organism, arising out of precedent impressions, or from causative agen-
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abdruck aus der Deutsche Zeitschrift filr Chirurgie.]
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be taken as indicating that there is necessarily a deposit also in the pia
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salpinx (recurrerit'hsemato-salpinx). Tr. Obst. Soc. Lond.
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who have resided very close to active antecedent cases of the disease
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and promptl}^ every symptom that may arise having a
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for fogs, and the phrase, " climate of cities," is truly fit-
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youth. J. Frankl. Inst., Phila.. 1891, cxxxii, 172-191.—
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der. Dr. F. Page on, 138 ; alleged curability of, 223 ;
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this method ; of these, 64 per cent, were healed, 23.5 per cent,
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a few days, to lay eggs with shells of the usual thickness and containing
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in Southwark, Lambeth and Kensal Town. Great difficulty